Condensing Gas Heating Modules

HEM Gas Heat Exchanger

The compact design and flexible configuration of Powrmatic HEM gas fired heat exchange modules combine to provide designers with efficient and cost effective solutions for a wide variety of air heating and drying applications including new and re-furbished air handling units, duct heaters and dryers.

The HEM range is available in two differing configurations:
HEM-NVx 10 - 200 kW Heat Outputs
HEM-SL 30 - 200 kW Heat Outputs

HEM-NVx Range
modules utilise proven tube technology four pass heat exchangers with each tube being fired by a dedicated, matched and efficient in-shot burner.
modules are of similar configuration but are of twopass design to minimise the majority of module widths to an impressive 400 mm.

Efficiency of 90% at nominal airflow rates

Where higher duties are required modules may be installed in either parallel or in series. Depending on model and size such multiple modules may be supplied factory pre-assembled.

Fuel usage and emissions are a key consideration within the HEM design with all modules offering an efficiency of 90% at nominal airflow rates.

Controllability is a key benefit of HEM modules. Each individual module can be specified in on/off, high/low or modulating burner format. High/low and modulating burners provide a turn-down ratio of between 2:1 and 4:1 depending upon model selection. The application of multiple modules further enhances the ability to increase turn-down rates and control heat output to close tolerance.

A feature of HEM tubular heat exchangers is their ability to provide efficient heat transfer with minimal pressure loss across the tube bank, thereby allowing designers to optimise fan selections. For applications with high airflows it is possible to provide bypass facilities.

Typically modules are arranged for internal installation, often fitted within the confines of the air handling unit. External units can be supplied with fully weatherproofed burner enclosures. Room sealed enclosures are also available allowing the connection of ducted combustion air as well as access to the flue spigot.

Brochure for detailed informations (PDF 1,5 MB)