HUgo Sorption Rotor

The All-Rounder: Transfers Sensible Heat and Moisture

This rotor can do both. The HUgo from Klingenburg transfers sensible and latent heat (i.e. energy bound up in moisture) simultaneously and sets new standards in terms of performance, hygiene, quality and reliability.

Effective in Warm, Humid Climate Zones

In warm, humid climates the HUgo extracts most of the moisture and heat from the incoming external air, thus creating a pleasant indoor climate. At the same time, it recovers most of the cool and dry air from the room, thus reducing the otherwise high power consumption of the air-conditioning unit.

Effective in Temperate Climates

In temperate climates the HUgo recovers most of the energy from the air that is heated and humidified in the building. This significantly reduces the energy required to heat and humidify the building.

Particularly Hygienic

HUgo offers optimal efficiencies - but without bacterial growth or odour formation. The sorption coating, developed by Klingenburg, possesses a unique surface structure. It captures water by harnessing the adsorption principle, but does not collect bacteria. Known as selective sorption, this process guarantees maximum air hygiene.

The storage mass of the HUgo rotor is also easy to clean. The Klingenburg coating, which uses DekaTru® technology, adheres so strongly to the aluminium surface that it will not arode even under high-pressure cleaning.

The Giant Rotor with Tiny Particles

Scanning electron micrograph of a zeolite A layer on aluminium foil. The spherical zeolite A particles in the nanometre range are clearly visible.
Scanning electron micrograph of a zeolite A layer on aluminium foil. The spherical zeolite A particles in the nanometre range are clearly visible.

The particles of the HUgo zeolite coating are smaller than those of all conventional zeolites. Customers may specify a size of 0.3 or 0.4 nanometres as required. Pressure loss is minimal, while the rate of gathering and release of moisture (kinetics) is exceptionally high.

At the same time, the small particle sizes result in a larger overall surface, which further enhances the performance of the HUgo. This makes it an immensely powerful energy recovery system.

Advantages of HUgo at a glance

  • High adsorption and desorption capacity
  • Rapid absorption and release of moisture (kinetics)
  • Hygienically sound due to uniform pore size of just 0.3 or 0.4 nanometres (3 or 4 Angstrom units)
  • Minimal coating thickness
  • Smooth surface
  • Good adhesion to substrate thanks to DekaTru® coating technology

HUgo key data

  • HUgo adsorption rotor on a corrosion-resistant aluminium substrate. No fibrous, respirable or harmful components are used.
  • Outstanding performance thanks to its high adsorption and desorption capacity
  • Low pressure loss
  • Hygienically sound due to pore diameter of just 0.3 or 0.4 nanometres
  • Sorption coating with minimal layer thickness
  • Sorption coating is not prone to wear
  • Frontally positioned storage masses completely flush and thus excellent for cleaning and sealing
  • Foil thickness 0.07 to 0.1 millimetres depending on application
  • Different storage mass densities and wave heights available
  • Available with various housing designs and materials
  • Millimetre accuracy to customer’s specified dimensions, supplied as internal unit or as flange rotor with cover panels
  • Exceptional service life
  • Diameters available between 300 and 8000 millimetres