Rotors for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)

Save energy in the office, factory, at home and at sea

These devices perform fautlessly - whether the diameter is half a metre or eight metres. Nothing outperforms rotary heat exchangers in terms of thermal energy recovery, regardless of the available space. No other system can match its performance where large airflow volumes are involved. Our rotors achieve efficiencies of up to 85%. as well as enormous energy savings.

Individual Solutions

Our rotors are as individual as our customers’ needs. As an innovative global market leader with decades of experience, we offer the widest array of products in different types and designs - worldwide.

We design your rotor exactly as you want it, to the nearest millimetre. Klingenburg produces the largest rotary heat exchangers in the world, up to eight metres in diameter.

All common storage masses

We supply rotary heat exchangers with storage masses for all conceivable applications.

Condensation Wheels

Rotary heat exchangers in high-quality aluminium film to recover heat or cold from the ambient air.

Sorption Rotors

Klingenburg’s HUgo series, featuring DekaTru® coating technology. A strongly hygroscopic zeolite coating, maximising temperature transfer and moisture all year round. In warm and humid regions, for example, these rotors offer immense savings in energy for air-conditioning.

Enthalpy Rotors

These heat exchangers feature a hygroscopic surface that supports the transfer of moisture.

Epoxy Rotors

Rotary heat exchangers with epoxy-coated aluminium foil provide high corrosion protection. Suitable for environments with aggressive or corrosive air such as swimming pools, paint shops, agricultural stables, battery stores or in industrial extraction systems.