High-Temperature Rotors

Hot Models for Drying and Saving Energy

Klingenburg’s ‘hot wheels’. For all systems in which temperatures exceed 80°C - such as detergent and PVC production, film and textiles industries and thermal post-combustion, the coating industry or in combined heat and power plants.

Our high-temperature rotors exchange hot air at up to 600°C. Their payback periods are sensationally short, usually only a few months.

Cut Your Costs

It is prudent to plan for a Klingenburg high-temperature rotor from the outset. Your overall investment outlay is likely to be less, since the heat exchanger means fewer cost-intensive heating units are required.

Regenerative heat recovery in high-temperature applications

Two Types for Every Need

High-temperature Klingenburg rotors are available in two versions:

  • Type EM, for up to 300°C and with sizes up to 3500 mm
  • Type EH, for up to 600°C and with sizes up to 2650 mm

Individual Solutions

During PVC manufacturing, heat is recovered from the exhaust air from spray dryers.
Similarly, heat from spray dryers is recovered from the exhaust air when producing washing powder.

Our high-temperature rotors can also be customised to your requirements and with millimetre precision - as a whole wheel or segmented and with or without bypass. The cleaning system may be based on compressed air, steam or both.

The high temperatures impose specific demands on the rotor and materials. and when exceeding 150°C or where there is high exposure to corrosive substances, storage mass masses in stainless steel are employed.

Housings for these units feature a double-shell design and are naturally thermally insulated.