Counterflow Plate Heat Exchangers

Solutions for Large Volume Flows

Where larger air volumes must be treated, Counterflow exchangers can be combined into various configurations.

New: the Flex Tower


Where high efficiencies of Counterflow Plate Heat Exchangers have to be combined with large volumes of air, this is the product of choice - the new Flex Tower from Klingenburg. This is an intelligent solution for boosting capacity.

The Flex Tower combines a number of Counterflow exchangers in a single housing. Its dimensions are determined by the particular capacity required and the cross-sections of the exchangers it houses.

The Flex Tower is thus suitable for practically all types of building and applications - from residential to office, hospitals and schools.

Thanks to the comparatively small depth of the Counterflow Plate Heat Exchangers used, the Flex Tower is also an excellent choice for retrofitting into existing systems.

Airflow can be arranged in either cross-flow or parallel Counterflow.

GS Combi Counterflow Unit


The GS Counterflow combi unit consists of two Counterflow plate exchangers and two air distributor modules combined into a single overall Counterflow unit. Allowing double the volume of air to be treated.

Available in Seven Sizes

  • GS Combi 30
  • GS Combi 35
  • GS Combi 45
  • GS Combi 62
  • GS Combi 80
  • GS Combi 95
  • GS Combi 110


Version A [mm] B [mm] C [mm]
GS Combi 30 792 570 371
GS Combi 35 876 652 430
GS Combi 45 1037 813 544
GS Combi 62 1314 1089 740
GS Combi 80 1600 1376 942
GS Combi 95 1887 1662 1144
GS Combi 110 2165 1945 1344
GS-Kombi Abmessungen

Counterflow Exchangers Operating in Parallel

Allowing double the volume of air to be treated. Air distribution takes place in the ventilation unit.